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Why Choose Us


At our hotel, you can always feel comfortable in your room, having the right surroundings to relax and reload as it is utmost important. We offer a wide variety of hotel facilities including what you require.

Hotel Legend Inn will fulfill all your stay needs with round the clock room service and superb range of amenities and facilities like laundry facilities, medical services and elevators and shine.

Room Service


Room Service is one of the best thing about staying at a hotel. The opportunity to order food from a well-designed room service menu, 24 hours a day is uncomplicated and convenient.



If you are booking a hotel stay at Hotel Legend Inn, you will enjoy all the advantages of an adjoining private car park in the centre of Hotel. When you arrive, we will immediately check availability on our hotel parking. Alternatively, we will refer you to a nearby public car park for an easy start to your city break or business visit.

Central Air Conditioning


Providing clean rooms and healthy air is an integral part of guest satisfaction which is paramount to the overall guest experience at Legend Inn. Our rooms are cleaner, smell better which makes our guest happy.



The restaurant at the Legend Inn Hotel offers guests fine dining with wonderous views of Hotel. The Legend Inn Hotel Restaurant pairs each dish with breath taking views of for an unforgettable experience.